His latest collection (Spring/Summer 2019) has been

Louis Vuitton Costumes at FNS

Arashi wore Louis Vuitton for FNS but what does it mean?

In an age where what a celebrity wear matters, and what label they wear matters what does it mean that Arashi’s stylist chose Louis Vuitton for them? That they wore the high fashion French label in their “Natsu Hayate” performance on FNS got me thinking about the bigger picture of celebrities wearing designer labels and what that could represent. Especially in light of the recent Dolce Gabbana fiasco with China (you can read about that at Diet Prada). For example, wearing D means supporting known racists and bigots, not just in light of recent events, but the label’s Co creative Director, Stefano Gabbana has a history of racist comments and appalling behaviour on social media. Wearing fake designer bags D means supporting and validating their horrendous attitudes and behaviour. So what does it mean to wear Louis Vuitton? Let’s delve a little into what the label represents and what it stands for. And quite possibly, what Arashi want to represent and stand for while wearing the label.

Louis Vuitton is a heritage high fashion house, it’s history lies in its innovative trunk designs for travelling. They have always customised their designs for their clients’ needs and also made sure their product was beautiful as well as practical. That’s its history, but what does this label represent now? Of course for most replica louis vuitton handbags people, wearing Louis Vuitton is a status symbol replica louis vuitton of money. To carry a LV bag or wear its clothing is a sign of wealth and prestige.

However let’s delve a cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk little deeper. Though fashion overall has been slow to embrace change, Louis Vuitton has shown signs or progression and moving with the times. The recent appointment of Virgil Abloh (of Off WhiteTM fame) as head of menswear at LV signalled that high quality replica handbags china the label was willing to embrace disruption and inclusiveness. He is the first African American to head up a heritage French fashion house, making history. Abloh’s appointment is by no means expected. Rather than being a traditional fashion designer, Abloh re works existing ideas and designs and puts them out there in a different context, questioning what makes fashion, “fashion”. His work is disruptive and questions what type of garments can be high fashion. Why can’t streetwear be high fashion and made of expensive fabrics? Virgil Abloh has proven there is a market out there for haute streetwear. It’s not necessarily about looking “rich” 1:1 replica handbags anymore, it’s having swagger and style. For those familiar with art, they way he works is much like the artist Marcel Duchamp, who questioned what makes art “art” in his body of work. One of his most famous works is a men’s urinal he simply signed and put in a gallery, effectively saying that what makes art is context. So long as you sign something and stick it in an art gallery replica louis vuitton bags , it’s art. Abloh does this with fashion. So long as the streetwear is made by an expensive label, it’s high fashion. LV’s appointment of Alboh to menswear is a sign that the label is reading the temperature of the moment, and understanding what people want to wear and buy dolabuy.su , also that they’re willing to bet on a non traditional creative director. By appointing an African American to the house, they are signalling to the world that they’re no longer a stuffy French house stuck on tradition aaa replica designer handbags , they’re moving with the times and are embracing inclusiveness.

However, LV hasn’t let go of tradition completely, it hasn’t thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Its legacy of innovation lives in its Creative Director of womenswear, Nicolas Ghesquiere, arguably the most important designer of the 21st Century. Ghesquiere came to LV after putting the staid Balenciaga back on the map. His designs are truly breathtaking and innovative.

The LV woman is forward looking but hasn’t forgotten her roots as a lot of Ghesquiere’s work for LV has been about looking to the future via the past. His work at once looks futuristic/sci fi, but has its roots in fashion history. An example of this is his Spring/Summer 2018 collection which drew inspiration both from 18th Century French aristocratic menswear and current day streetwear to fuse into something completely new and forward looking. His latest collection (Spring/Summer 2019) has been somewhat of a follow on from that, but has eased the 18th century Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags references into something entirely more modern and 21st Century. The silhouettes cheap louis vuitton bags from china are softer and have an ease about them. There’s a definite streetwear influence coming in as well, but more refined. The modern LV woman needs clothes she can breathe and feel comfortable in but with hints of the past and the future.

But what does this mean for Arashi? And why did their stylist choose for them to wear not only Louis Vuitton, but cheap replica handbags customisable Louis Vuitton at that? I feel like this means that Arashi also replica louis vuitton bags represents that forward looking thinking while not forgetting their roots in the past, much like Ghesquiere’s vision for LV womenswear. They also represent a sort of disruption, Abloh isn’t a traditional designer, and Arashi were considered non idol like in their early years. I feel like the choice of customised ready to wear is a deliberate one. Arashi are one, but they are made up of five distinct individuals. By choosing customisable jackets the stylist was able 1:1 replica handbags to visually bring out their differences while maintaining a cohesion as a group. And, LV is a powerhouse French high fashion label and at the top of the fashion pyramid so to speak, just as Arashi are at the top of the Japanese male idol pyramid. Louis Vuitton is a fitting, forward looking yet rooted in tradition label for Arashi to wear.

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